Insmed is committed to improving the lives of patients with serious rare diseases by funding organizations that engage in clinical research.

Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) Grants

Insmed may support medical and scientific research that is initiated by and carried out by non-Insmed scientists and researchers/clinicians.

Novel research proposals that answer important scientific and medical questions in areas aligned with Insmed disease states of interest will be considered for monetary grant support and/or a supply of product manufactured by Insmed.

A well-designed IIR study can enhance the knowledge related to disease state and/or the clinical or scientific profile of Insmed products. This may ultimately lead to improved evidence-based medicine and outcomes in patients afflicted with these diseases.

A request for support of an independent Investigator-Initiated Research study needs to be accompanied by the submission of a complete IIR application form.

IIR grants may be provided to academic researchers, medical research consortia, or medical researchers within the community.

The research must be independent of Insmed in that the third-party recipient of the grant retains full control over the study objectives, design, conduct, data collection, monitoring, analysis, interpretation, and publication. Insmed does not provide “unrestricted grants” for IIR support. The purpose for grant funding must be designated and that designated, purpose is the only one for which the funds may be used.

Please contact us at with any questions about Insmed processes and requirements.

Investigator Initiated Research Grant Submission Requirements

  • W-9 for US organizations (Insmed may require a W-8 for non-US organizations)
  • Itemized budget, including overhead costs if applicable
  • Completed Insmed IIR Application Click here to download

Note: the IIR Application must be saved to your local hard drive and completed before it can be submitted as an attachment to the request form

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